07 - F1-Magny Cours
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21. July 2002
Formula 1 Grand Prix de France in Magny-Cours

Another Race as a corner-worker (marshall) in the Middle-France.
Had a lot of chances to take pictures at the pits, some amazing pictures from Michael Schumachers steering wheel and cockpit. By the way, during this race he did it: He won the race and therefore his 5th World Championship.
Our working-corner was after the hairpin towards Imola. Interesting place with cars in acceleration.
I’ve got a lot of digital video, too. The small talks with Mario Theissen, Charlie Whiting and Herbie Blash couldn’t be published, sorry ;-))

Alle Bilder Copyright by Dirk Stiegele, Benutzung nur mit meiner schriftlichen Einverständniserklärung!
All pictures copyright by Dirk Stiegele, usage only with my written permission!

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